Naughty or Nice

Merry Christmas Eve! As the holidays come and go every year, we all question whether we made Santa’s naughty or nice list. This year, I have been cultivating a list of the season’s naughty and nice things. What have you been?

The roads (be safe!).

Finding the perfect gift.

Passive aggressive people/ people in a rush.

Sending letters to far away friends.

My car, which is dirty no matter the weather- thx salt.

Rewatching Christmas movies.

Cookies that turn into blobs no matter what.

Sugar cookies.

School issues that arise too late in the term.

Getting a parking spot near the doors at the mall (a hard feat).

Dropping precious ornaments.

Christmas parades with hot cocoa.

Working through the holidays. 

Lazy days in cozy pajamas. 

Getting a Tim Horton’s gift card for Secret Santa.

Driving around to see Christmas lights.

Awkward run-ins with people from high-school.

Micheal Buble’s Christmas album (A Christmas treasure).

What falls on your naughty and nice list this year?


Countdown to Christmas

It’s that time of year again- the month before Christmas. We find ourselves in the midst of a struggle of celebration vs obligation. Here is the emotional rollercoaster that follows the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Remembrance Day/ Thanksgiving is over- you are free to fully enjoy the Christmas spirit.

giphy (6).gif

You go all out, decorating, making goodies and enjoying all that the season has to offer.

giphy (11).gif

You come down quickly when you realize that Christmas is still a month away, and you still have work or exams before you can properly celebrate.

giphy (9).gif

You console yourself with a Christmas movie.

giphy (10).gif

Your Christmas cheer plateaus in the first weeks of December.

giphy (2).gif

But you quickly pass the worst of it and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

giphy (5).gif

You have your first extended family member ask you something too personal and you remember the underbelly of the holidays.

giphy (1).gif

But then it’s Christmas Eve and you couldn’t care less.

giphy (4).gif

It’s finally Christmas!! Enjoy all those treats you work so hard to work off the rest of the year, be with your family and share in the spirit of the holidays!

giphy (7).gif

…and just like that, Christmas is over, and once again you are left waiting.

giphy (8).gif

Happy pre-Christmas! hope you are all spreading your pre-Christmas cheer!


It's Okay to Not Be Okay

But here are 10 things to make things a little less crappy.

Some days no matter how hard we try to have a good day, it just does not happen. Other days the big issues in our lives catch up to us like a wave meeting the shore. We can find ourselves caught up in the undertow of life. This is more than a guide for myself, it is for anyone who finds themselves in a mood of unease or unhappiness. This is a list of things that can make a bad day feel a little less crappy.

  1. Brew yourself a cup of something warm. As the Dutch call “een bakje troost”, which translates to “a small cup of comfort”, a tea can not fix our problems, but can help calm our minds.
  2. Listen to music you like. It is easy to fed into our sad or upset mood by playing sad music. But merely by playing something happy, it can alter a mood and make everything feel better.
  3. Go to your happy place- physically or mentally. For obvious reasons, relaxing a bit will help in moving through what is making us upset.
  4. Call someone you love. Either to talk about our problems to or just chat with.Talking with people we like can help make sure we do not feel lonely.
  5. Go for a walk. It allows us to clear our minds and get out of own heads a bit. Plus a bit of light exercise never hurt anyone.
  6. Make a list. If things cannot be solved, make a plan. If there does not seem to be a solution, phone a friend. *too much thinking can be our own enemy, get a second opinion
  7. Choose happiness. Make it as simple as a light switch and flick it on. This is not really a long-term solution, but it can help in the moment.

We cannot always be alright, in fact are we ever really alright? The point is to not get too down and allow ourselves to be happy, because we deserve at least that.

Reasons to Love the Holidays

Yes this post may be a bit premature, seeing as it is the middle of November. But with the upcoming weeks being increasingly stressful I found this a great escape.

The first snowfall. Which just happened to be today. It is too cold and I really don’t want to leave the house. Plus the fear of crashing my car in the snow has come back, even though I  drive every year. But the first snow fall is the first excuse to cuddle up and start hibernating for the following 3 months.


All the baked goods. Even those who can’t bake have to say that they love the excuse to pick up a package of festive cookies because the holiday’s are upon us. I have already baked sugar cookies, shortbread cookies and chocolate muffins, because I CAN.


Hot chocolate. I mean those two words are enough to cause a sensation of excitement for me. In all its variations: Irish, mocha, white, semi-sweet, milk. (**Irish.)


Warm clothing. Sweaters, mittens, hats, fuzzy socks, onesies. All of which encase us in sheaths of cozy and who can deny themselves that?


Decorating. Putting up the Christmas tree and wrapping the entire house in lights is something I thoroughly enjoy doing. Plus, after you get to revel at the amazing job you did. *YAY YOU*


Seeing family (to an extent) I mean I love the beginning of the holidays when everyone is excited that your home from school, but after a week the luster fades and your left with a bunch of angry family members who are ready for you to leave again.


A warm place. I mean, obviously, it’s cold out so most people enjoy staying warm. But everything is better when there’s a fireplace to set the mood. Or candles to create a glow.


Presents. I shamelessly enjoy receiving a present. But it doesn’t have to be extravagant, receiving a letter from someone who cares or a baked good. Sharing is caring and the holiday’s is the best time to show someone you care.


Winter break. The purpose of writing this was to escape the impending school work I will have to do. So of course I look forward to a break for the school to do all the things on my list.


So pull on your fuzzy socks, grab a mug of hot chocolate, cozy up to the fire place and enjoy “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” on repeat for the next 33 days till Christmas.


Weekly Favourites

Oh hey, look at that! Weekly favourites is BACK!

After much deliberation I have come to the conclusion that this segment was too great to just let slip away, so it’s back!


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Doing it.


Instead of telling my friends through a all-capped text message I figure I will leave this here and see if they actually read my blog:

Producer Says the Wicked Movie Could be Coming in 2016


I loved the Golden Globes last Sunday and this was the best part of all:

Also a new section: Recommended Watches: this is a section for me to leave my good TV recommendations

The 100: if you like post-apocalyptic teen dramas then you will love this one.

Parks and Recreation: the perfect binge-watching show to sit and watch for multiple hours on end.

Friends: if you haven’t watched this classic yet, then where have you been?