Introducing: Brunch Book Club

We are rearing the end of 2017, and with that comes preparation for the coming year, and the great things to come. The end of this year brought me to thinking about ways to expand my horizons in 2018 and help engage online, and what better way than to do something together with my readers.

Brunch Book Club is an idea of my own devices. I currently have quite the stack of unread books accumulating on my desk from friends and colleagues that require my attention. However, in my day to day life, sometimes sitting down and cracking open a book can seem like an unachievable mission, as reading is truly something that requires your full attention. You can’t get ready for work while flipping pages.

Really I hope this will be me reading a book every month and giving you my slightly sarcastic, intrigued fantasy into what I thought about the book. Obviously, I would love to see you join in, which is why each month I will announce the next book in my post.

So to begin, the first BBC (whoops I may need rights to use that) book will be:

Little Women by Louisa Alcott (1868)

I know it is a classic and its accessible at your public library, or grandma’s house. So, from here on, I will be sitting down and reading each book as I announce them, month to month, and leaving my thoughts in a stream of consciousness style blog for you all to read. Perhaps, it will function as a cliff notes summary for your 12th grade English class, or maybe it will give you a laugh or two… Only time will tell. Let’s meet and discuss back here, the last Friday of January.

I look forward to bringing you on my journey.