New Year’s Resolutions

Although many say that people never change, I’m still trying. Another year has passed, and as we saw last week in my Year in Review, most of my resolutions were huge successes! So in light of another new year, here are my new resolutions:

Learn to be independent financially don’t begin to pay off my university debt. That’s right, as a soon-to-be graduate, I have my fair share of debt, so this year marks a new opportunity for a more financially responsible Brittany.

Practice photography and focus on documenting my life. I would like to better capture my favourite moments and learn to take pictures in manual mode. Also these pictures will ~preferably~ not be blurry.

Visit my friends abroad do continue to see the world. With a few friends scattered across Europe and Asia it would be great to visit them.

Be more interesting- even more then last year.

Cut down on baggage. Emotional, material, etc. *snip snip*

Practice my Dutch. Hopefully become conversational.

Try and save money for a rainy day.

Try and work on my bullet journal everyday. (At the very least, not miss a month at a time).

Stop eating like trash. I’m not 18 anymore and adult acne isn’t cute.

These may seem pretty easy, but I like my resolutions doable, if not inevitable. I hope this year brings hope and a light at the end of last years dumpster fire… happy new year!


Day 9

So I won’t apologize for none of the rest of my trip posts being on time, my phone was stolen. I didn’t die, but I lost all contact with the world. So despite the trip being over now I kept up with writing my days down and I am determined to post them.

So today we left Dresden and our little Mexican oasis for Berlin, it didn’t take long, only about 1 1/2 hr, which for this trip is barely any travel time.
Outside our hostel in Dresden:
Once we got there we were given free time for the rest of the day. Which meant taking an hour after lunch to attempt to figure out where to go and how. Once we figured out the subway was cheapest we bought our day passes (6 Euro) and headed for Alexanderplatz. Of course things don’t go as planned and every train we got off it took 4 people to decide which way to go. I must mention that Ellen and I went with a group of Dutch kids so luckily some spoke German. The group today started with Maaike, Demi, Anke, Luuk, Tanja, Wilja, Keon, Yarno and Wilbert. We went to checkpoint Charlie to the the cross from East to West Berlin, after we went to McDonald’s for a break and sat down.

Ellen and I went up for a drink and I left my phone with the group sitting at the table, when we came back I noticed my phone was gone but figured someone had hid it as a joke so I leaned over to Ellen and said how I wouldn’t fall for it. So 10 minutes later when we went to go I asked where my phone had gone and the panic set in. While we were up these 12 year old Spanish kids were handing out maps and swiped my phone off the table. I was majorly unimpressed. We went up to a McD’s employee who called the police to report it and I checked my bag. Once realizing it was gone I messaged my parents and had a good cry standing in McDonald’s, a real low point in my life. Luuk then was the most supportive person ever and took me to the German police station so we could fill out a report. On the verge of a panic attack I told the officer what happened. With my phone gone I got in touch with my parents via Luuk’s Facebook. We then attempted to continue with our day but I think I speak for the group when I say that the stealing ordeal ruined the rest of the day. We walked around Berlin for a little while but since it was Sunday everything was closed.

(Picture of random tree that had gum all over it, cool.)
We began our 2 hour trek back through the rain to the hostel. When we arrived back the hostel I was mega hangry. It was already 6 at this point and I hadn’t ate since our early lunch so after sitting for a bit we set out for some Schnitzel. The restaurant we found had AMAZING Schnitzel but awful service. The waiter was constantly complaining about our large party and then blatantly asked for a tip. After that we returned to the hostel where I called my family on Dottie’s IPad to let them know that I was alright, the call went better then expected. Me and some friends celebrated our long day with an hour long walk to a bar that the front desk at the hostel said was “close” (he clearly has space perception issues). We then returned to the hostel and spent the remainder of the evening playing King’s cup and drinking. Which made up for our little adventure. Overall probably one of the longest days of the trip, was very stressful but made it through.

Day 8

I woke at 7 but refused to wake up till 8 since I didn’t have to, still feeling very anxious I got ready for the day, going to breakfast was interesting seeing everyone and recalling the last days activities. Then we were off on the bikes. From the hostel we rode to the WW2 museum. It was four floors of memorabilia and facts about the war. Filled with interest in cultural connections to music, film and consumption.

Then we left for the panorama, it was a long and bumpy ride on what I am assuming (praying) will be the worst road we will experience on the entire trip. On this trip we had our first person fall: Janice was literally standing still and fell off her bike and like a lady bug on its back she laid there flailing for a second before being picked up off the ground. When we arrived at the panorama we were late so we got 10 minutes to see the entire museum it was nuts. It was a big room with a three story look out were you could see what happened to Dresden because the allies in the war, a quote by Amber Laurie comes to mind:

“History is often written by the winners. There are two sides to every story. “

It is true when you see the accidental bombing here just how things can happen. Although we didn’t have much time here it doesn’t take long to understand the war crimes of the allies and understand that the losers are not the only ones committing crimes. With that we left for lunch in the park, the bike was beautiful and terrifying, a beautiful nightmare if you will, the landscapes were beautiful but the cobblestones were terribly uneven and hard to ride on. We went to the town square where the sisters chapel which was destroyed in WW2, the rebuilt to its former glory.
We had free time for the afternoon, Allison, Hannah, Allison, Ellen, Calvin, and I went exploring the square, in and out of little stores. After Allison, Ellen and I broke off from the group and went on our own back to the mall, found a store called New York Style which was like a hybrid of Pull and Bear and H&M. Got some things. It was cheap.  We returned to the square to take a few group photos in front of the Martin Luther memorial and lay a wreath there. 
After that we biked back for supper. I showered because all of that cobblestone really worked up a sweat. When I returned to the group I made some new friends, inviting the people I hadn’t really met to sit with me, I want to be able to look back and remember everyone, all of their names and smiling faces. Tonight I met and chatted with Demi and Tom, who are from a town called Nijmegen. They are extremely nice and funny, we drank together and chatted about the differences in our cultures. After supper we all hung out together on the patio until 11 when the patio closed and decided to go find somewhere outside to sit. When we left the hostel we had a big group of 20 people, but by the time we made it a block down the street the re were 9 of us and I was the only Canadian. So I stay thinking this is an opportunity to hang out with the people who all hang out together. Of course it didn’t really go as planned and they mostly just spoke to each other in Dutch the whole time.
Honestly about half of this blog and the whole last one were written sitting there with the Dutch kids. After a while it started raining so we returned to the hostel, and after a good chat with Ellen we hit the sack at 2 am.
Also a picture of our Mexican hostel:


How To: Be Awful at Writing a Blog

I mean, it is really a skill set that not many can have. I feel that I am contently leaving this thing to run itself and showing up after being MIA for long periods of time, but seriously this time I had an excuse (kinda). When I was home for Easter I accidentally grabbed my moms laptop instead of mine (we have the same one) so instead of even attempting to write and find pictures and save stuff to her computer I just took a week off and focused on school and my trip. So I decided I would make a list of ways to help any potential blog writers be bad at their craft, you’re welcome in advance.
1. Leave you computer 3 hours away.
2. Write half blog posts and leave them and hope that the blog elves will come and finish them for you.
4. Only talk about the same things over and over in each of your posts. People like consistency.
5. Don’t post often, once or twice a month should be good.
6. Write you blog ideas on napkins, because there is no way you could lose those.
7. Live somewhere with little to no wifi.
8. Procrastinate your procrastination. Pick up a textbook and do some work.
*me right now
9. Talk smack. Especially when everyone you know reads your blog, it helps keep the view count low, just how you like it.
10. Exhaust your genius in the first couple months.
Anyways guess I should study some more. See ya’ll in another amount of time for another sub-par post about something unimportant.

How To: procrastinate.

I mean, as if it isn’t clearly obvious from my lack of posting, I procrastinate all the time. Actually I guess the best teller of this is that I post most when I have exams, I mean clearly my priorities are straight.
People always say to “write what you know” so lemme tell ya’ll about procrastinatin’ like a boss.

1. Gather all the supplies you will need: a laptop, preferably with netflix subscription and a full battery or at the very least a cord that you can plug in when it is about to die.
2. Snacks. I mean no one can tell you that it is not acceptable to procrastinate when eating. Meals are necessary, so when eating is it still procrastinating? And if I eat 24 hours a day do I even have a paper due?
3. I choose to procrastinate over a hobby, usually blogging or cycling. So exploit your hobby, and if you don’t have a hobby, find one immediately.
4. It isn’t necessary, but I recommend alcohol.
5. I mean I tend to try and avoid all others while procrastinating because you get those “school oriented” kids who have finished the same paper weeks ago or aren’t even in your class and are just there to be like “have you finished yet?” and you’re sitting eating nachos like “gtfo.”
6. Now despite my general, “no-people-in the-procrastination-zone” rule, I will make an exception for other procrastinators, the rare breed who like to sit and watch Grace Helbig for hours. Ahhhh, my kind of people, which is why those select few are allowed into my territory.
7. Procrastinating is fun when you can go somewhere to do it, like home for the night or to a concert or anywhere but where you are actually supposed to be and actually doing what you are supposed to be doing.
8. I mean you could always procrastinate your procrastination, aka do your paper
10. If all else fails, sleep.

How To: Survive Day Drinking

1. Pace yourself, you don’t want to be these people:
(the quality explains everything)

2. Ask others to serve you, “get me a beer”…. it works.

3. Wear appropriate footwear ****
I can’t stress that one enough, if you are wear sandals and you are outside in the cold or the mud, you will regret everything.

4. go places where you dont know people, because drunk impressions on classmates are never great.

5. Bring cash, having no money looks like this:

6. Hydrate.

7. And eat.

8. Calm the attitude. Day drinking can make anyone crabby but don’t take it out on strangers.

9. Do your drinking at a kegger, it’s cheap and fun!

10. Stay with your friends, the goal is to survive.

11. Or better yet don’t go at all.

12. Take a nap instead.

13. Or be like me and ditch for pho.

Hope that helps…idk.
These facts are tried and true, from yesterday, as i am still alive today. 🙂