Fall Tunes

Happy first day of fall!
*insert beautiful pic here*
Fall is my favorite season, it has the best of the best: warm clothes, cool nights and dark lipstick
I have been thinking all day and have now compiled a list of my favorite songs for fall:
1. Autumn Leaves- Ed Sheeran
2. Ribs- Lorde
3. Paper doll- John Mayer
4. Texas- Magic Man
5. Reflektor- Arcade Fire
6. She Will Stay Beneath the Moon- Adam Barnes
7. Begin Again- Taylor Swift
8. Bloom- the Paper Kites
9. Tee Shirt- Birdy
10. All I Want- Kodaline
Bonus: Ellie Goulding’s cover of All I Want because I couldn’t choose between the two
Listen to the playlist here:

Fall into Autumn from britfitmeltfelt on 8tracks Radio.

My Week in Music

“Music is a safe kind of high.”
—  Jimi Hendrix

1. Don’t- Ed Sheeran -This song has found its way into my life as my new “bad-ass” song. It’s so catchy!
2. Stolen Dance- Milky Chance -I can jam so hard to this song, like toe-tapping, hand-clapping jammin’.
3. Cool kids- Echosmith
4. Budapest- George Ezra -One of his more popular songs, Ezra is one of my new favourites.
5. Run Boy Run- Woodkid -So if the Dauntless in Divergent can run to this, I can run (but probably walk) to this too.
6. My Sweet Summer- Dirty Heads -It is the end of summer and this song literally sums up my emotions, sad but over it.
7. From Afar- Vance Joy -Ugh. So lovely.
8. You and Me- You+ Me -If my life had a soundtrack this song is my rainy days song.
9. Habits- Tove Lo (Habits Remix) ft. Hippie Sabotage – A faster option to the original, this song packs a rebellious punch.
10. Chelsea Dagger- the Fratelli’s – My past week has been a drunken blur and who better to sum it up then the Fratelli’s.

Listen to the playlist here:

the first post is always the hardest…

So here it goes…

This is starting on an average Thursday night drinking with my roommate and watching netflix. While talking about blogging, I figured I would give this a shot. First the important stuff: My name is Brittany, but I go by Brit, I am a pop culture student that bakes and gets into mischief. Hopefully I can commit to posting weekly playlists and other fun things that relate to life as a broke student. Cause let’s be real, life is just one big credit card bill, amiright?