Learn With Me: Being Sick

As a newfound adult and graduate, I am learning so many new things that the world no longer does for me. Being sick is one of those things.

When you are a kid, you get to stay home all day and watch cartoons at home while your mom provides you with ample ginger ale, soda crackers, and soup.

When you’re an adult, you are forced to face the world on your own.

Now you must brace the cold and go to buy soup and snacks for yourself.

You learn to take medication all on your own because no one is going to help you now.

But still complain a lot, because even if no one is listening, you’re still sick.

As a kid, you had those plush Kleenex brand tissues to blow your nose on, now you are left with the bathroom roll.

As a kid, you aren’t bothered by a cold because it meant staying home, but as an adult, it has evolved to include ~netflix.~

Cold medicine that induces sleep. Because how are you supposed to sleep with your sinuses full and a sore throat?? Plus, who doesn’t like sleeping like they are dead for 12 hours?

P.S. Also a NetiPot, because apparently sniffling constantly isn’t appealing or good for you.


New Year’s Resolutions

Although many say that people never change, I’m still trying. Another year has passed, and as we saw last week in my Year in Review, most of my resolutions were huge successes! So in light of another new year, here are my new resolutions:

Learn to be independent financially don’t begin to pay off my university debt. That’s right, as a soon-to-be graduate, I have my fair share of debt, so this year marks a new opportunity for a more financially responsible Brittany.

Practice photography and focus on documenting my life. I would like to better capture my favourite moments and learn to take pictures in manual mode. Also these pictures will ~preferably~ not be blurry.

Visit my friends abroad do continue to see the world. With a few friends scattered across Europe and Asia it would be great to visit them.

Be more interesting- even more then last year.

Cut down on baggage. Emotional, material, etc. *snip snip*

Practice my Dutch. Hopefully become conversational.

Try and save money for a rainy day.

Try and work on my bullet journal everyday. (At the very least, not miss a month at a time).

Stop eating like trash. I’m not 18 anymore and adult acne isn’t cute.

These may seem pretty easy, but I like my resolutions doable, if not inevitable. I hope this year brings hope and a light at the end of last years dumpster fire… happy new year!