Thoughts From Terminal 1

That’s right, ya girl is back at it again with the crappy travel blogs. But seeing at today was an unexciting 2 on the excitement scale, I figured I would just start this series off with some thoughts while migrating through the airport. 

  • To pass the time, people watch (wow revolutionary). It is surprising the type of people that all show up at the airport. Mostly because all manners and grace are gone once you are past security and you see barbarians strewn across 3 seats or a nervous wreck plowing through their suitcase.
  • It is truly an exciting experience being at the airport- make sure you take it all in, I know it can it be a stressful place but it is also filled with excitement and that feeling should be remembered.
  • Why are these places so complicated, I feel like I walk/stand on the people movers for so long I feel like I’m in Narnia.
  • Also the Toronto airport is a bit unorganized in the sense that as soon as the first boarding call is made, everyone runs to line up and leaves no space for any one else walking through. 
  • Also while being at the airport, I find that I am trying to be extra “Canadian” and say thank you and sorry. 
  • But that being said, it is hard when a woman cuts you in line to not yell “exqeeze me bitch. Back of the line”.
  • Also, traveling alone is rather boring, because when things like that happen you have no one to turn and laugh to, everything is a private joke with just you, boring. 
  • When going through security I thought I was being so helpful, I had my watch off, phone out and coat off. 
  • Well that went to shit when I realized I left both my iPod and camera in my bag and became an embarrassing mess. *whoops*

Anyways, my plane is about to board, I’m glad I got to bring you some thoughts while I wait.

14 Things Students Don't Know About Their TAs

…a TA, otherwise known as a teacher’s assistant, an educator’s assistant, or that person who is paid to get treated like shit.

Well as a student, you may feel like you are able to get away with just about everything, but you’d be surprised just the amount that your TA knows, as told by a TA herself. Ranked most obvious to least obvious.

  • We can tell you changed the margin spacing on your paper.
  • …or oversized your periods.
  • …or your incorrect use of APA or MLA (or *insert student name* style citations)
  • We OBVIOUSLY can see your 2.5 spacing instead of 2. WE HAVE EYES.
  • Your “interpretation” that is clearly a quotation and should be cited. (ahhh, low-key plagiarism, always nice)
  • What you are looking at in seminar. (If you are laughing at your crotch, 10 chances to 1 you are one your phone)
  • When you spell your TA’s name wrong, forget their name or what they look like all together.
  • When they ask you to be quiet in lecture and you keep talking.
  • …or that you take to your phone/laptop to complain about us. (don’t get me wrong, a better alternative, but it makes you a shitty person)
  • If you never do the readings. The only people you are dumb enough to fool are your fellow classmates.
  • When you ask for questions from the exam…???
  • That your TAs don’t know each other, and that when you complain about one TA it won’t get back to the other.
  • That we don’t have code names for you all. (i.e. Clicker girl)
  • That we drink copious amounts of alcohol to deal with your shit.

They say being a TA is a rewarding experience, and it is. Aside from all the emails from students who never talked in seminar but feel they deserve a better grade, or the late submissions with no excuses and the back talk from the ones who don’t think you do enough… ya… it’s great.