The Adventures of Retail

Working in retail is the real soul killer of society, you are the friend with weird hours and no benefits but the occasional discount. No one could prepare me for the life lessons I would learn between the sneakers and the slip-ons of the shoe store.

  1. The customer is always right. Except the other 97% of the time when they are wrong.208
  2. Customers question your authority/ knowledge about everything.anigif_enhanced-buzz-15726-1432391033-8
  3. Especially when a customer is asking/complaining about prices. anigif_enhanced-22956-1432319933-11
  4. You can’t stand those classic bad jokes anymore. i.e. “no tag? it must be free! hahaha”anigif_enhanced-32129-1432319015-14
  5. You are barely able to keep your cool when customers come in 10 minutes to open or before close.lange
  6. The holidays are not filled with cheer, they are filled with caffeine and tears.cryi
  7. You know the people who work at the food court/ neighboring stores. maytheodds
  8. Songs played at work are ruined, if they weren’t awful from the beginning. 79929-rebel-wilson-enough-enough-gif-upjk.gif?w=640
  9. Covering a shift for someone and instantly regretting your decision.retail
  10. Your store greeting is forever ingrained in your brain. “hi, how can I help you?”1389833428957

Summertime: The Bucketlist

So it is almost officially summer, but my summer is in commence so this week I figured I’d share my goals for the summer. In order to make some good memories to look back on during my exams in the fall..

  • Would love to go somewhere new this somewhere, no where too crazy but maybe  Ottawa or Montreal.
  • I want to conquer the Niagara gorge once and for all with out almost dying.
  • Visit at least 3 beaches, because nothing feels more like summer than taking the afternoon to drive to the beach.
  • Commit to blogging once a week and actually doing it.
  • Trying new things that I have wanted to do: make a terrarium, learn a language, eat healthy (lol.)
  • Upgrade the furniture in my apartment, with paint of course.
  • Visit a winery, I live in the Niagara wine region so I need to take advantage of that and experience the lush life.
  • Go to the drive-in for triple feature Saturdays (and eat loads of popcorn).
  • Try yoga, I want to be the most zen.
  • Have lazy days where I stay home all day and relax with my roommate.
  • Read the books on my list, its vast, but you have to start somewhere.

This summer I will take my extra time to becoming a better me and experiencing all I can over my vacation time while spending quality time with my friends and family. This is probably my last free summer before being done school so I need to make the most of it and experience all I can before September.


Yes, you read that title right. I am officially a full fledged adult. So even though I have only attended a small handful of graduations, making me less than fit to write about them, I’m still going to!


Graduations are a huge part of an academics life, celebrating your achievements as you pass milestones in life. It is also an extremely traditional event which consists of very peculiar fashion and interesting music (weird, they are both weird.). But at the end of the day there are a few steps to a graduation that make it the event it is.

  1. The month of excitement leading up to your grad. You have passed all your classes, you are in the real world (more or less) and now its time to celebrate!
  2. The day of. For me this was met with barely any sleep, a long morning of preparation and a lot of coffee.
  3. The last dinner. Or brunch in this case, where you shake the nerves with a little pre-graduation vino.
  4. Gowning. This part is pretty cool, you get your regalia and the excitement is building, your nerves are okay now but you still can’t believe what is happening.
  5. Entrance, you finally enter the auditorium and face thousands of people waiting to watch you cross a stage. But before that….
  6. At least one speaker. If your lucky, you get someone cool like Michelle Obama or Maya Rudolph, or you get someone who talks for 23 minutes and makes no attempt to offer any sort of inspirational message towards your future.
  7. Finally, you are up and ready to cross that stage. While you are waiting you take your final moments to appreciate that questionable life you have lived for the past four years. It is time to leave that life behind.
  8. Without falling, you cross the stage and realize that none of the professors sitting up on the stage have any clue who you are, awesome.
  9. Following the ceremony you are granted the right to flaunt around in your fancy grad outfit and weird 18th century garb. Finally taking pictures with all the people you sat through all those three hour lectures with. (Because, lets be honest, you all never look this good).
  10. Lastly, you say goodbye, to all the friends you made and all the memories you have here. You already miss you time here even though you have barely left. Although your time in university may be over, you still have student debt to remind you that it happened.


All in all, I am extremely proud to have finished my undergrad and be off on my next adventure. I was lucky to meet so many amazing people, more than my parents will even believe I know and share many great memories with them. So if you are graduating, congratulations! and enjoy the first day of the rest of your life.