You may be thinking, “what the heck is senioritis?”

Well. It is a disease that attacks many of us the closer we get to graduation. A few things to note: symptoms may vary, get a second opinion if more than three of these apply.


Symptoms may include:


Taking Electives: Taking a first year class in your last year of school becomes a task. Even more so in the last semester. Instead of being an interesting addition to your business program, it becomes “how will 1st year astronomy help me get a job?”
Doing Papers: Same goes for papers. That 20% paper seems like nothing in your last year, not compared to the other 40% finals.
8am classes: Honestly no. I had one last semester and if I didn’t have to be there I wouldn’t. There are 24 hours in the day, why must there be classes when its still dark out?
Professionals telling you to give that extra 10%: If I could tell them how I gave an extra 10% by listening to that bullshit… I have no extra to give at this point.
But you have perfected the art of the bare minimum: and I am being quite serious, everything is done and almost always on time. But no, nothing more.
Showering happens less often: Today I showered for the first time in three days. I know my mom will read this and say that’s gross, but I don’t have time in between episodes to shower.
And networking is your sad reality: Have you ever been to a networking event? No? It isn’t all that bad, but you are in a room of people and your in your “fancy people” clothes. My mom taught me not to talk to strangers, so I’ll pass.
Spending money: It is inevitable to spread money while living on your own, but my shopping problem is real. My visa bill keeps growing and my ability to care is shrinking.
Going to the bar: It was always so fun and the nights would last till like 3am.
Go home by 12: I actually bailed on going to bar because I wanted to spend some time with my sims. #prioritizes and the last time I went to the bar I was in bed at midnight…yeah.
Realizing how much debt your in: yeah. the shopping problem really needs to stop.
Buying books becomes “optional”: I have bought one textbook this semester, out of 4. #hireme