Dear 2015

This has been an amazing year. If someone would have told me that this year would have been the way it was I honestly wouldn’t have believed them. Since its the last day of 2015 I figured I would round up the top moments of my year.

Visiting Auschwitz

not the most happy of memories, but it definitely something that both changed my life and altered my perspective on life.


Having Something Published

I mean, it wasn’t met with the best criticism but I will forever remember the day I had my first article published in the newspaper and made my debut in entertainment media. *hair flick*

Going to Germany to See Christina

Honestly, one the best things I did for myself this year, not only did going to see her allow me to bring us closer but also gave me the opportunity to see some people I never thought I would again. Probably the best memory of the year was making it back to the Netherlands and meeting up with my bestie.


Today has been met with anticipation of the future, but also the fear associated with my life at school drawing to an end. I survived my toughest semester yet and get to sit here like a champ after writing a shit ton of papers.

My Blog

This year my blog really grew and expanded into something I could enjoy myself and appreciate as something that could bring others joy.

Amazing Friends

Yeah it is really broad but this year brought me a year of expanding my horizons and making some amazing friends and reaffirming my existing ones.

Overall a great year, friends were made and lost and I found out the kind of person I want to be. 2015 is a year beyond words so shout out to those who made it like it was.

My New Year’s Resolution for this year is to continue to find things that genuinely make me happy and worry less about the things I can’t change, also drink more water.


Happy New Year!


12 Days of Christmas (Retail Edition)

And on the 12 days of Christmas the mall gave to me:

12 babies crying.

11 people per shift working.

10 days straight.

9 angry customers.

8 hour days.

7 returns.

6 hours of sleep.

5 mental breakdowns.

4 boxes of cookies.

3 sick employees.

2 smiles.


1 DAY OFF! (Christmas Day)


0 size 9 1/2, black Timberlands (because you are shopping too close to Christmas and we don’t have any left).


Yes, I work retail. And although it is a pretty entertaining job 98% of the year, Christmas proved to bring about the worst in the people.

Be kind to the people who are ringing you through while shopping for Christmas.

Christmas is about giving and although everyone is at the mall to do just that, it seems as though the more love one gives to someone the amount they must taketh from another. Remember that retail employees don’t set the prices of their products and aren’t out to make your life harder than it already is. And yes, lots of people have it a lot worse than working in the mall, but please remember when you are out at the mall shopping Christmas Eve and Boxing Day to show some consideration for those hard at work, serving you to earn their pay. It doesn’t hurt to smile and say “Thank You” or “Have a Good Day”.

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10 Ways to Destress

As you may know, I have been MIA for about 20 days now. Yeah, I’ve been busy, and yes I’m definitely stressed. Not only do I need this but I know everyone begins to get stress this time of year (I work retail, trust me, I KNOW) So I thought I would make a short list of ways to destress…wouldn’t want to stress you out with a long one.

1.Brew your self something warm, whether it be a cup of tea, jo or even creamy hot chocolate. I believe a little caffeine can go a long way. *bonus points if you spike it.


2.Give yourself breaks, especially if your studying. I find giving myself small breaks can help to break up my working session and keep me sane. Every break can be a dance party.


3.Take that break to curl up with a blanket and do something that makes you feel happy. A short binge of Parks and Rec? Watching a holiday movie? Meditating?


4.Nap. (the best way to feel rejuvenated or like you have no idea where or who you are)


5.Do a DIY project. Make a mug or a cute pinterest dream board.


6.Spend time with pets. Or strangers animals. Basically whatever you can to surround yourself with furry-friends.


7. Or you could gather together real friends and do any of the above things.


8.If your feeling introverted, stay in and have some “you” time. Take a bubble bath or order pizza. #treatyoself


9.Remember deep breathes, don’t get caught up in a stressful situation (aka a 40% paper due tomorrow) and forget to breathe.

10.If all else fails, remember that its the HOLIDAYS!!


My best way to stop stressing is to just suppress everything and pretend I have no reason to stress. Then let all the anxiety push me through papers.

*kids, don’t try this at home.

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