Reasons to Love the Holidays

Yes this post may be a bit premature, seeing as it is the middle of November. But with the upcoming weeks being increasingly stressful I found this a great escape.

The first snowfall. Which just happened to be today. It is too cold and I really don’t want to leave the house. Plus the fear of crashing my car in the snow has come back, even though I  drive every year. But the first snow fall is the first excuse to cuddle up and start hibernating for the following 3 months.


All the baked goods. Even those who can’t bake have to say that they love the excuse to pick up a package of festive cookies because the holiday’s are upon us. I have already baked sugar cookies, shortbread cookies and chocolate muffins, because I CAN.


Hot chocolate. I mean those two words are enough to cause a sensation of excitement for me. In all its variations: Irish, mocha, white, semi-sweet, milk. (**Irish.)


Warm clothing. Sweaters, mittens, hats, fuzzy socks, onesies. All of which encase us in sheaths of cozy and who can deny themselves that?


Decorating. Putting up the Christmas tree and wrapping the entire house in lights is something I thoroughly enjoy doing. Plus, after you get to revel at the amazing job you did. *YAY YOU*


Seeing family (to an extent) I mean I love the beginning of the holidays when everyone is excited that your home from school, but after a week the luster fades and your left with a bunch of angry family members who are ready for you to leave again.


A warm place. I mean, obviously, it’s cold out so most people enjoy staying warm. But everything is better when there’s a fireplace to set the mood. Or candles to create a glow.


Presents. I shamelessly enjoy receiving a present. But it doesn’t have to be extravagant, receiving a letter from someone who cares or a baked good. Sharing is caring and the holiday’s is the best time to show someone you care.


Winter break. The purpose of writing this was to escape the impending school work I will have to do. So of course I look forward to a break for the school to do all the things on my list.


So pull on your fuzzy socks, grab a mug of hot chocolate, cozy up to the fire place and enjoy “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” on repeat for the next 33 days till Christmas.


Awkward Things About Being Awkward

Oh hey. Yes, it has been a while since I posted here. Just been a little caught up with school/life/bronchitis but its cool. I’ve complied a list of all thing things I find awkward about being that awkward person. I’m basically an expert.

1.Falling in public.


2. Having to give a presentation or speak in public and looking like this:


3. Running into people you know but don’t know how to talk to them.


4. Meeting new people.


5. Tripping in public.


6. When people call you out on your embarrassing past, even if you did it to them. Please NEVER creep my Facebook, I will probably shrivel up and die.


7. When your phone is dead and you have to pretend you listening to music


8. Networking (This could fall under meeting new people, but it is professional and therefore 10x worse)


9. Talking to anyone you haven’t known for an extensive amount of time


10. Dealing with emotional friends even though you don’t handle that department. EVER.


11. Snapchatting  the wrong person


12. Or sending screenshots to the wrong person


13. Everyone intimidates you


14. When someone catches you dancing a bit too intensely (in the car, my living room, bedroom, the bar, etc.)


Could go on forever, this list is always growing.


The Last One.

Here is my PSA for why twentysomethings shouldn’t travel alone, otherwise known as my last day.

So Demi and I woke up at 5:15am so that I could get ready, which just meant putting on stretchy clothing and pretending to be mentally prepared. At 5:45 Demi took me to the train station after filling my entire backpack with snacks (bless her). She helped me with my bag and sat with me until my train came.

It was an odd feeling since I had already had my dramatic goodbye a few days before and so now I was doing the thing I feared the most, saying goodbye again. Nothing feels worse then saying goodbye to people with undisclosed futures. Neither of us knowing when we will see each other again, but that is the reality.

On the train I was left to my thoughts, which left me mostly stuck thinking about my unhappy feeling I was left with after my last day. In reality all disappointments while traveling allow for different experiences but having expectations can really kill your mind. I thought of all the things that could have happened and felt a bit sad at the reality I was left with.

(I can be strangely philosophical at 6 am in the morning.)

Once at the airport I went into full panic mode trying to find my check in section and getting lost, mad, and finally making it to have a damn bottle of dry shampoo in my suitcase (which I still haven’t replaced). It’s cool that they had to get it, I understand that, but to do that they had to go through my carry-on which I had not organized and basically exploded upon opening.

I mean the rest of my time was spent lonely wandering through the airport because literally no one that I knew was awake yet. But once we boarded everything was cool, until the plane was delayed an hour and NO ONE would say why. ???? wut ????

Eventually we got into the air and I was stuck in limbo between 4 channels that were just “comedy”, “drama”, “action” and “children” and each had an hour an a half of programming. It was a 9 hour flight. Who let Satan choose the programming for my United Airways flight? I can assume I watched both the action and comedy sections at least twice. So. Many. Regrets.

Once we arrived in Chicago I was once again left struggling to figure out where the hell I was supposed to be and stressed that I didn’t have enough time. First going through claiming my stuff, then baggage claim, then check in, then security once again. Here airport security asked everyone transferring flights to leave their suitcases in a pile which was extremely questionable but I accepted the potential loss and continued on my way.

After a second sift through my now extremely unorganized suitcase I was allowed to eat and do the homework that was due while waiting for my transfer back to Toronto. Did more thinking about why I ever thought an unnecessary transfer would be an okay way to save a couple bucks (I am definitely my father’s daughter..)

Finally I boarded my last plane back Toronto, which departed at 8:30 so I had been up for like 20 hours. After dealing with the reality that I had lost my aisle seat to this large ignorant man who thought it okay to steal my seat, I made it into my seat and passed out. Aside from the discomfort of having neither armrests, I slept pretty good for the hour we flew. (Also I need to mention that this 1 hour flight had an immense list of in-flight entertainment that made me extremely angry.)

We landed in Toronto at 9:30 and I did the whole process again. Claims, baggage claim, and finding my ride. It was such a comforting feeling to see my friend Coleman after today that I could have cried.) It was an exhausting test of strength that I will quote as the toughest day of my trip.

This trip ends with Coleman and I driving back to St.Catharines and leaving the adventure behind. I’m not quite sure how to end this because writing these has been my last claim to this trip. No, ending these blogs won’t mean the memories will fade, but I will have to fully return to the reality that I have now been home for two weeks.

To anyone who has read till now, thank you. I hope that this was mildly entertaining or insightful in anyway. To all of the people I seen on my trip, you are all truly amazing people who I was lucky to meet and spend time with, thank you.

She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain.

Unfortunately traveling can’t always be great, and there are bad days. Looking back I can appreciate the good parts and overlook the less-than-desirable parts. But let this be a lesson to the future traveler.

This morning started off at 7 am (ew.) got up feeling anxious, but proceeded to pack and change to head to the train station. This is where I had to say goodbye to Christina which sucked but I know I’ll being seeing her soon (I didn’t shed a single tear). After our non-tearful goodbye the journey back began. First was a 50 minute train back to Mannheim then onto another train to Frankfurt. From Frankfurt I went on to Dussledorf- which had the prettiest views I was lucky enough to experience from the train.

2015-10-17 20.01.51 2015-10-17 20.02.02

In Dussledorf my transfer was directly across from I was on, but the old man in front of me was having a time and a half so I had to watch as my train got ready to pull away from the station and run literally 8 ft to catch it (with my damn suitcase). Damn you old man.

From Dussledorf I went to Arnhem, so far on this journey the weather had been beautiful actually the first sunny day since I got there, but upon crossing the border to the Netherlands the clouds moved in and I was just in time for more bad weather. Once in Arnhem I went and got a ticket back to Nijmegen to go back to see Demi and Tom.

I was excitedly on my way to Nijmegen when my plans got changed last minute. Upon my arrival in Nijemgen, my plans were cancelled which left me stranded in a coffee shop that had shitty wifi. I was feeling pretty bummed out until I received a message saying plans were back but they definitely weren’t what I expected them to be. After some debate, Tom came to the station and brought me back to his place and we spent the next couple hours chatting over coffee in his living room. At around 6, Demi returned back to her house and Tom took me back over to her place.

Together with Demi’s family and cousins we had a nice Dutch dinner (literally only Dutch because they were) and talked about my trip to Mannheim and discussed English/Dutch things. Post supper, Demi, her brother Wessel and her two cousins sat around and chatted over tea until choosing a movie to watch, as the only Netflix expert in the room they let me choose the movie, so we went for a throwback and watched Hot Chick. Of course I don’t really think they got it which was hilarious but all together a pretty good evening. After the movie we took her cousins back to the city and returned so I could pack.

At about 12 both Demi and I headed to bed for a baby sleep before my train in the morning. Its over, but today helped me find closure in a trip I was scared to end. It was obviously different then my first trip and was extremely hard to say goodbye even if its just until next time.