Yeah, super vague title, but this is a super vague post. I don’t know really what direction to take here except that I feel that my roommates are probably the people most deserving of a post and it is long overdue. So if you have ever wondered what it is like living with 5 other women here ya go.
You can make super impromptu plans when you have roommates.

But staying home can be just as fun.

They know your likes.

Your dislikes.

You know their schedules better then you know your own. Always knowing when they are skipping class.

You have to share space with them. Which can be nice but also super inconvenient when you want to sleep and they want to party or vice versa.
Basic recreation

My roommates:

Which leads to my next point…They wake you up. I love sleep and don’t appreciate being cut mid-R.E.M. cycle but that can usually be solved by asking them to keep it down.

They are my personal therapists, giving me only the best advice on everything from an outfit to a paper idea.

They are my people (Grey’s Anatomy reference), they are always the first people to know what’s going on in my life.

However, this is how I become the person to come to with drama, and my advice is practically non-existent.

When you spend a lot of time with them, weird shit starts to seem normal. For instance, my roommate and I spent countless hours on Pottermore (the Harry Potter fan website). It’s normal when you are together.

Also having roommates can be messy. Meaning they make huge messes and never clean up. And by “they” I mean “me” and by “messes” I mean “destroy our kitchen at least twice a week”.

There are constant arguments over who ate who’s food, but as annoying as it is to come home and find your last bit of cheese gone it is great when you need an egg for a recipe and don’t feel like going to the store.

They are my partners in crime, because they are always down to do things with me like watch netflix or get menchies.

You have to spend times with their friends (no matter how shitty) and at least pretend to like it. Do you think I like going to super bowl parties? NO, I do it because my roommate says she wants me to meet her friends.

Separation from them feels like losing your other half, but you tend to under appreciate them when they are around.

They are some of my biggest supporters and I know even the alumni roommates are still some of my closest friends in life. (got to leave it on a sappy note)
actual picture of my roommates^

Summer: Expectations vs. Reality

Expectation: Tons of patio drinking.

Reality: Having a sad batch of margaritas home alone while watching Sex in the City.

Expectation: An amazing tan.

Reality: Either no tan, a sad farmers tan, or a burn.

Expectation: Going to the beach, road tripping or camping.

Reality: It’s too damn hot for any of that.

Expectation: Finally getting to spend time with friends.

Reality: You don’t see anyone because everyone works retail.

Expectation: A plethora of job options.

Reality: Doesn’t qualify for anything.

Expectation: Enjoying the sun and the heat.

Reality: Wishing it was fall…<3

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Take a Moment

Too often in today’s society, technology moves us so quickly that we miss things, people and opportunities. We forget to take in what we see and forget to experience things for ourselves, instead letting people on social media tell us how to feel about what we have seen. Their “likes” adding to the beauty and a lack of response creating a personal panic.


Above is one of my favourite places on earth – the Quarry, with every visit an entirely new experience. Every time I come I find myself noticing new things about the park itself and the city I have lived in for the past 3 years. From here you can see everything: Toronto, Brock University, the canal, the church near my house and the mist rising off Niagara Falls.

It is these things that are the most overlooked in our attempts to document everything, we miss things. Just like these pictures, only one part is in focus sacrificing the fore or background. Always sacrificing the beautiful sky or the vast landscape, never capturing both.


In our attempt to share we are faced with a conflict of ourselves getting a full experience or only having half the experience in order to share it with others. It is up to you to chose 100% or a mere 50%. Whether you will allow yourself to live your life to the fullest or allow others to live vicariously through you and both only getting a shred of the moment.

So take a moment, for yourself, allow yourself to completely take in an experience before taking pictures you’ll be amazed what you’ll see.


In this moment it seems as though I can see forever, there is a cool breeze, there birds that are chirping, in this effort to share what makes me happy I lose a bit of that, not paying attention and experiencing life through the camera app on my phone isn’t the same as living this experience for myself.

If I could give any advice on traveling, it would be that as nice as it is to document what you see, sometimes you have to take life as it comes and enjoy the sights rather than thinking about how you have to show people back home or what filter you should use. Take this moment for yourself, you are there and in that moment you will be able to tell people what it was like, whereas if you are seeing it through the lens of your camera you may forget the story and only have the photos as proof that you even went there.

Sometimes you have to take a moment.


10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

1. I love sour candies.  (sour keys, sour patch kids, war heads)

2. Ed Sheeran’s plus album makes me cry, no matter what mood I am in.

3. I thoroughly enjoy scary movies, the thrill of being scared keeps me coming back.

4. I dislike kids. They are rowdy, they smell, I think I have hated them since I was one.
*actual re-creation of me to the other kids

5. I will protect my friends through anything, because they are extremely important to me.

6. However, I’m not an emotional person, people don’t often come to me for a shoulder to cry on unless they want a concrete shoulder with a dead impression on her face.

7. I really don’t like being touched, it makes me self-conscious.

8. I have wanted to be a million different things including an artist and a historian.

9. I have been afraid of the dark since I was a kid, despite #3.

10. If I like a song I will play it like a top 40’s station till I hate it.

Glad we did this.