A Letter to My Father

There is no doubt in my mind that this post is long overdue an much deserved. As my father you have helped me grow into the adult I am today. Over the years your title has held many different meanings. From protector to teacher, fun-haver to discipliner you have done so well at raising us. I feel truly blessed to have such amazing parents who love and support me, yes sometimes we complain that you ask too many questions, but it’s the “who’s” and the “why’s” that so that you care. You even had my back that time I tried to learn stick shift and stalled on the road and the guy behind us freaked out. You have always pushed my limits and some times drive me crazy but I know that you only want the brightest future for me.

All in all, you don’t like my music, and almost always hate the movies I choose (although you secretly like Pitch Perfect) but you still manage to be the best father this girl could ever ask for. I know I don’t say it much but I love you and Happy Father’s Day.

Your Daughter, Brittany


How to: Have A Dance Party

Oh hey there, remember me?
Yeah, I realize that it has been a lifetime since I posted anything and for one simple reason, I haven’t done anything. Aside from the back and forth between St.Catharine’s and my hometown and constantly looking for a job, I haven’t done anything cool or blog worthy.
I mean realistically I wouldn’t have made anything worth reading so I saved you time.

The only source of routine that I have in my life are my regular dance parties. They can occur in at any time, planned or unexpected. They are usually when I have the most to do or am super stressed. But I also use them to pump up for interviews and public speaking.
Dance parties allow you to expel all the energy you didn’t when you skipped 9am yoga or if you are like me and you don’t do 9am yoga. 🙂

Oh, you want to have an amazing dance party too? Here’s how:


1. move furniture that could potentially get broken or used as a prop mid-dance sequence.

2. feel free to change and fit to the part ( think rock-star or Britney Spears circa 1999)

3. get water, you will become thirsty when you are bust’n a move

4. set up a speaker system ( the bigger the better)

5. I always close my blinds, my neighbours and I are on a first name basis, they couldn’t handle my dance moves.

6. decide on a genre

7. possible items you may need:
-a hair brush ( or anything microphone shaped)
– sunglasses
– socks, to slide away
-a broom if your going to try cleaning too-
-alcohol ( for all you non-dancers)(or just because)

7. dance you heart out

8. have a dance-induced nap

I recommend the tags party + workout on 8tracks for some good dance songs
OR you could use this playlist I made for my current dance party list:

[8tracks width=”300″ height=”250″ playops=”” url=”http://8tracks.com/mixes/6454144″]

Dance Party Expectation:


 Dance Party Reality:


Bad Friends

I promised myself I would never make this post because it would be extremely harsh and probably make some people mad at me. However, recently I have really started to appreciate the good friends I have in my life, that being said it is been my task to weed out my bad friends while I am at it. This post started months ago and I have now complied a list of ways to know you are in a bad friendship through the (real) events that have happened to me. This post isn’t to say I don’t have any good friends but I have definitely had my fair share of bad ones.
1. your house is only a prep site before they go to see their current slice. (and not pizza slice)

2. they get mad at you for wanting to see them (???)

3. your close friend that messages you while your abroad to complain and didn’t know you were abroad.     she clearly didn’t read my blog post….

4. when they fail to message you back/ contact you AT ALL then claim that they just don’t like texting…    ahh that explains the overall lack of contact…

5. they go for the same guy as you even though they are interested in someone else

6. they make you feel dumb/small- you shouldn’t feel that way

7. this one is superficial but it comes in two parts:
a. always asks you to take their picture with all your friends but never wants one with you or you in the group picture
b. very worried about their online presence so they don’t post any pictures with you
“we just aren’t those friends” “the friends who have factual evidence that we are friends??

8. makes comments about your weight or appearance that go too far

9. use you for your car.

I must stop because I am starting to get angry for revenge and that could be dangerous.
In the end there is only one way to deal with these friends…
burn their house down.

… find better friends.