The Squad

As mentioned in my last post, I am home for reading week right now. Which translates to me saying that I have spent a substantial amount of time with my best friends from my hometown. I have mentioned each of them before, but with their best friend status they really deserve their own post. So here is the post formally introducing my friends:


Name: Alyssa Christine Parking

Date of Birth: June 22nd, 1994

Favourite food: nachos, gummy candy

Hobbies: yoga, netflix, drinking

Special skills: has crazy ability to morph eyebrows

How we met: I actually don’t really know, I assume that we met when we were in her mother’s kindergarten class, but that is a guess. Let’s just say it was a really long time ago.

Favourite memory: she was the best part of my lunch and spare in high school, she does the weirdest stuff. e.g. making songs, taking about her dreams, licking markers, etc.

First impression: probably along the lines of “nice pigtails” or “why does she have orange juice and I have apple” … because we were babies.

Describe here in one word: one-of-a-kind … that’s one word, right?

DSC_1205Name: Karling Joe Barton (Karli)

Date of birth: May 3rd, 1994

Favourite food: chips, those pretzel things in ranch

Hobbies: selfie taking, ukelele, sims, bees***

Special skills: she has kept her cat alive for over a week. *wow *much impressed

How we met: At these dances for children in grade 4, she was one of my cool out-of-town friends

Favourite memory: We have a super long beer-pong winning streak.

First impression: I believe I was jealous of how long her hair was.

Describe her in one word: blegh

IMG_3963Name: Nikayla Lee Barton (Kayla)

Date of birth: May 3rd, 1994

Favourite food: Pickles, chips

Hobbies: sims, sleeping, singing to Karli’s ukelele

Special skills: probably holds world record for longest time in sweatpants

How we met: Same way as Karli, at the child dances in grade 4.

Favourite memory: This past halloween, she dressed up as a balloon animal, the entertainment was endless. *see pic below

First Impression: Her hair was also extremely long. But I was more focused on the fact that she was dating my cousin.

Describe her in one word: hilarious


Amazing amiright?

I have been working on my vlogging skills, so I made a little video of our last hangout:

The Week From Hell

So I realized that I haven’t posted on this blog in like a week and a half, all for good reasons. I have survived one of the hardest weeks in my university career so I figured before posting anything cool or interesting I should right a bit of a debrief.
So since my last post there has been:
1 mental breakdown:
2 drunk nights:
2 assignments due:
3 presentations:
4 hour drive home:
5 am morning:
6 girls on dance moms (aka my new favourite show):
7 days till spring break (which I am now on):
8(.2) out of 10 on my presentation:
9 hours + spent on pottermore:
10 dollars left in my account:
So yeah, that pretty much sums up my past week. You’re welcome.

Feburary 6th, 2015

I know what your probably thinking, “this girl posted yesterday, what more could she possibly have to say?” but trust me there’s lots.
I have always wanted to attempted the whole daily blog thing and have never felt that I have much to say about a given day, but after having a very interesting day yesterday I figured I would share. Two of my friends have also started daily blogs that are funny and interesting and you should read them:
oh and they’re twins, read their blogs if your into that sort of thing
So we begin the crazy-Friday-from-hell at 7 am: I had a presentation at 9 so my partner requested that we meet at 8 to go over everything once more. I was already a mess running around and gathering things, which led me to be late to our meeting. cool. We did our presentation and it was awful, it is early Friday morning so the kids in my class decided not to talk for the first half of the presentation, which just happened to be my half, great.
The only plus is that I could tell you anything you need to know about ethics and measuring scales for research studies. (I should put that on my resume, I know)
After waiting impatiently with a kid from class for an hour until our Canadian film class, we were sub-versed to the horrors of a movie about sex trafficking that was just way to real for us. So naturally, we left halfway through. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
But in case your interested the movies called Sex Traffic (2004)
– it resembles Crossroads at the beginning
– but it isn’t like Crossroads at all
– a boy sells his girlfriend to the sex trade
– oh and the Americans don’t stop the sex trade
– despite what you may see if you watch the American version
it’s magical
I channeled all that negative energy at the gym after and completed my last 21 km for the week like a boss. Which lead to the following activities:
– laying in bed for the remainder of the afternoon and watched netflix. you know, real hard stuff right there.
My evening was spent with my roommates and a few of Darrelle’s school friends. Which lead to an extremely fun night at the bar filled with unexpected events and unexpected cameos. If your reading this, Luke you are probably the person I least expected to see at the bar, so cheers man.
The night ended with the real troops (Me, Mckenna, and Kelly) who stayed out till 2, stumbling back through the park and completely our after-the-bar routine of bread and water.
I don’t know if this really means anything to anyone, but your welcome.
– Brittany out.


I figure after my mini melt down a couple days I would make a list of things that make me happy. This one is inspired by a text I received by my mom that night that told me to look at things that make me happy so I figured I would make a list to reflect on the next time I’m down.

Family: obviously as mentioned before I have a strong support system that is there to sense out when I need them even when we are 300 km apart. I owe my awesome personality and sense of humour to them.

Friends: now I know you arn’t supposed to simply rely on others for you happiness but I’d be lying f I said that my friends are part of my happiness, whether that be my older friends who are young at heart (yes, Shirley’s I’m talking to you) or my roommates or my school/ high school friends, they all keep me going with endless support and laughs.

Tea: I love tea. Drinking it, buying it and talking about it oddly give me real joy.
Food: eating a good meal (not necessarily healthy) gives me great satisfaction. Favourites include: pho, pizza, soup.

Studio Ghibli films: These are best watched when sick, sad, or tired. Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro, and Howl’s Moving Castle are my three favourites.

Dancing: Obviously not professionally or anything, but crappy dad dance moves in my kitchen make me happy and I believe to make others around me happy.

Playing the ukelele: it sounds nice, plus the added bonus of learning to play an instrument to make you feel good.

The feeling after you go to the gym: you know you feel super accomplished for doing something that sucks and completing it.

Music: I am no stranger to making playlists to suit the mood. So I attached a playlist that will support or create a good mood.

[8tracks width=”300″ height=”250″ playops=”” url=”″]

Some other small things that make me happy if your needing some inspiration: bubble bathes, fresh cut flowers, clean sheets, the ambiance from candles in the dark, alcohol, the smell of fresh coffee, afternoon sun, the sound of waves on the shore, and more alcohol.

-Insert My Chemical Romance Lyrics Here-

I like to think of myself as a pretty happy person. That being said, I can’t lie and say I don’t experience those terrible bouts of sadness where at first I’m not entirely sure why I feel that way but it bellows out and I start thinking about all things that have ever made me sad. This could go over the span of the past day or over multiple years where I rethink of things that make me sad. It is quite easy to misplace feelings or to cover them up when you are busy and tell yourself that you’ll sort them out later, but that’s not always the case. Which is why I find myself here right now, in a pile of work, feeling miserable over the same things that I always find myself upset about. It doesn’t matter how much time has gone by, perhaps I haven’t fully dealt with those feelings, because when they hit me, they hit me hard.
I guess the purpose of this post is to attempt to work through and put into words exactly how I feel about this situation without going into too much detail on the respective events. Last night, I had a dream of someone dear to me who is no longer here and I woke up upset because I miss them greatly and this is really the first time in a while that I have thought about them. It has taken me this long to really understand just why that made me so upset, it isn’t something I talk about and so when it unexpectedly comes to mind it really brings me down.
Unfortunately writing this won’t solve too much except hopefully help give me some peace of mind in having wrote it out without actually having to tell someone. This post won’t bring back that person and won’t magically make me happy again, because those scars will heal over time. Perhaps someone out there will connect to this and feel comfort in knowing someone out there feels the same. A weight has been lifted off my chest after rereading this already, it’s working.
I guess I should do some homework.

Weekly Favourites

Well hey there ya’ll! How’s your week been? Mine’s been great. It was one of those whirlwind weeks where there was a lot happening and not enough time to do it all. But despite that here it is, my weekly favourites:
Start it off on an inspirational note, this post has gave me a boost to get going mid-day and get stuff done.

Today is not over yet.

Also slightly inspirational in a I-need-calm kinda way.
Not kidding I laughed really hard at the Fendi Ribbon.
Gotta love Ariel.
And Olaf.
Need motivation for the gym?
11 Reasons To Workout That Have Nothing To Do With Physical Fitness
This makes me want to pack up and move.
I guess TV falls under this section, so AHS.
I was inspired to make beef stew from this.
Bonus: I <3 Anna
Well that’s it for this week!